How to Say I'm Sorry for Your Loss

How to Say I'm Sorry for Your Loss

I'm sure we all have seen posts about the loss of a loved one.  Usually these posts have comments including a very popular "I'm Sorry for Your Loss".  Many empathetic friends don't know what else to say.  I have to admit, I cringe a little when I see those words.  Here is why:

To me, I'm Sorry for Your Loss quotes by well-meaning friends and family needs to be revisited since it is one the most quoted sympathy sayings. As a common comment, it just doesn't convey concern or comfort to the griever at all.  It's almost the polite and required comment for loss of a loved one. 

Perhaps just taking it one step further will add a more personal touch.  How about, "I'm sorry for the loss of your (xxx)"?  This would be one example of revising the "I'm Sorry for Your Loss" popular quote.  Let's change social media condolences moving forward and truly try to send comfort, compassion, sympathy and concern.

More "I'm Sorry for Your Loss" Quotes for social media comments:

  • I'm sorry for the loss of your (xxx).
  • My heart aches to hear this new concerning the loss of your (xxx).
  • Remembering you and (xxx) today and always.
  • Someone so special can never be forgotten. (xxx) will be forever in our hearts.
  • Sharing in your sorrow with love and friendship.
  • May you find comfort in your memories of (xxx).
  • I am thinking of you and sending a warm hug.
  • Our hearts go out to you in your time of sorrow.

Please understand, the above are examples of social media comments that are a bit more personal than "I'm sorry for your loss."  It goes without saying, if the grief is great for you as well, or if the post's author is immediate family or a special friend, express your feelings with a more personal note (more on that soon).



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