Grief Support During Pandemic

Grief Support During Pandemic

During this COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has something specific on their minds.  Browse through any social media channel, and it becomes apparent what your friends have on their mind.  Many of my friends seem to be concerned with getting masks to those in need.  I've seen many concerned with the elderly in nursing homes.  Others are focusing on statistics, finding humor during these difficult times, or are simply bored and posting to give themselves something to do. 

For me, I can't stop thinking about those dealing with grief and mourning and in desperate need of grief support.  Memorial services, celebrations of lives, and funerals have quarantine restrictions.  I wanted to find a way for those grieving loss during the pandemic's quarantine to discretely proclaim "I am grieving and I need my friends".

An easy way for them to do that is to simply change their Facebook timeline cover. It will acknowledge grief and mourning, start conversations, and hopefully will start the grieving process.

I would love the opportunity to create memorial timeline covers for those who are grieving due to loss during this pandemic.  I will find the time to make as many as possible.

Here's how you can get your free memorial timeline cover:

First, e-mail your photo and the quote you would like on the timeline cover to:  Remember, this is only for those who have lost a loved one during the pandemic and were not able to grieve socially.

Then, please visit our Facebook page at and be sure to "like" the page as I will be posting your finished timeline cover on that page and tagging you when it is complete.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is only for those grieving who were NOT able to hold any type of normal service (more than 10 people) due to the quarantine & restrictions.  

That is it!  I hope this will, even in the smallest of ways, help you during your time of grief.

- Deb / Handmade By Remember Me

*Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are having difficulty getting your timeline cover posted on your page.


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