About Us

A Gift of Compassion and Special Memories Created Handmade by Remember Me Gifts

I have always been a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason".  It does not always make sense as we endure life's challenges and hardships, but sometimes we are fortunate enough to hear the answer to the question "why?".  I also believe we are all born with a special "gift" that is cultivated throughout our lives.  When we merge together this gift and our experiences, we find our divine purpose for our own lives.

Remember Me and Handmade By Remember Me was created with this concept in mind.

When I was 18 years old, I lost my brother to suicide.  The pain of losing John (often called my "taillight") was unbearable.  Watching my parents and family cope with the insurmountable grief added to my devastation.  Then, having to focus on my brother's pain... this pain so severe that he would chose to take his own life... well, that was more than I could handle. 

This pain often revisited me as I watched people grieve over the loss of a loved one.  I simply wanted to somehow take that pain away.  Even though I understand the pain of great loss, I still didn't know what to say to others, how to support them, or what gift I could send to them other than the typical flowers... I wanted to send something meaningful that really touch them.

What trigged my decision to start Remember Me was due to the fact that during the past few years, I've seen other people affected by the loss of their loved ones to suicide.  This created in me a strong desire to help bring awareness, not only to the cause of suicide, but to the devastation this type of death brings to those left behind.  H.U.G.S. (Helping to Understand the Grief caused by Suicide) was created to educate people that their decision to take their own lives will forever change the lives of those left behind.

Lastly, bullying.  Unfortunately, sometimes Bullying and Suicide go hand in hand.  It is imperative that we educate our youth as to the consequences bullying plays in the lives of it's victims.  It is my intention to use my website as a venue to educate by offering resources and ideas to help combat this unfortunate epidemic.

My immediate goal for Remember Me is to be able to touch one person's life a day!  I can't even begin to express how honored I feel when I am contacted by someone who lets me know that I did just that!  As my business grows, I look forward to the day when I'm affecting more lives than I ever dreamed possible. 



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