Never Underestimate The Power of a Simple Gift - Christian Gifts for Women

Never Underestimate The Power of a Simple Gift  - Christian Gifts for Women

I have some really special gifts that I use daily (almost).  They were special before, but now they have become more like a treasure than a gift.  I always strive to send gifts like these to any friend or family member during their time of grief or despair.  Actually, the reason I started my business was to offer these types of gifts on my website.  Most of us have a God-given heart full of encouragement and compassion, and finding a gift to reflect that is often difficult. My job is to make that easier for you.  

His Princess, by Sheri Rose Shepherd, is a devotional given to me by my dear Aunt Carole.  My Aunt Carole meant the world to me.  If you needed a shoulder to lean on, she would offer both.  Not only did her wisdom and encouragement comfort me, but a few days later, there was often a gift in the mail to further encourage.  

The basic premise of this devotional is evident by its title.  I am a child of the King - not just a child, a princess!  Backed up by scripture, these devotions remind me that no matter what happens (for me it's rejection), I am accepted by Him.  I don't have to keep on seeking the unconditional love of others - it simply doesn't exist to the extent that I (or others) need.

My Aunt Carole has passed away and is finally wearing her crown.  Her words, handwritten in the cover of the book, inspire me always.  Notably, her gift of encouragement was not only for me. I was further inspired when the pastor at her funeral mentioned how this was common procedure for her.  I want to be more like that!

Jesus Today, written by Sarah Young, is a very popular devotional.  This is a gift I actually sent to my Grandmother in a New Jersey nursing home.  Even though she "never received it" (sweet grandma's memory was failing and she always hid her most prized possessions forgetting where she had hidden them), I now hold it in my hands, and this gift I gave to her means the world to me! Grandma has also passed away, and I'm pretty sure she no longer hides her most prized possessions.  She is proudly walking the streets of heaven wearing her crown. 

Whenever I pick up one of these devotionals, I can't help but think of my Grandma and my Aunt Carole.  There is one thing I know for sure, they are both happier then ever, and the weight of their crowns is heavier than any burden I carry here on earth.  

These gifts encouraged me then, continue to inspire me now, and will continue to remind me of two woman who meant the world to me.  I miss them so much and the yearning for both of them is constant.  However, I can find some peace and comfort whenever I hold one of these books.  That's a powerful, simple gift that keeps on giving.  

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  • Cheryl - October 01, 2021

    Deb, this is such a beautiful tribute and testimony of your love for these two amazing women, and your faith and trust in Jesus! You have a gift of writing for sure! Keep it up! It’s inspiring! YOU’RE inspiring! That’s what we’re meant to do… inspire others to make a decision for Christ. Amen, Cuz!

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