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Wedding Memorial Ideas

Memorial Charm for Groom and Photo Charms for Bridal Bouquets


There is no greater celebration than that of a wedding!  Friends and family across the country come together to witness the marriage and raise a glass to the happy couple.  With the huge surge in internet shopping, demands for unique and personalized wedding décor, favors and personalization is at an all-time high.

Remembering a loved one who has passed away has become more commonplace rather than a unique addition to a wedding venue.  From memorial candles and photos at the welcome table, to signs and flowers left on an empty seat for the ceremony, acknowledging a loved one’s absence is comforting and, in most cases, a requirement. 

One very popular and meaningful wedding memorial gift idea is a memorial token for groom to carry during the ceremony.  This remembrance has been widely accepted by grooms of the past as a treasured and important wedding memorial keepsake.  As show below, photographers have captured this gift exchange most often from bride to her groom:

wedding memorial, memorial charm for groom 

This pocket token is a more discrete and private gift for the groom.  Some grooms, however, want a more obvious acknowledgement of remembrance and proudly display their loved one’s photo on a lapel pin on their wedding day.   These ideas of remembrance are relatively new ideas and including the groom and his loss has been long overdue.

Brides traditionally carry an item in their hand under their bouquet, pinned and hanging from their bouquet, or wrapped around the bouquet’s stems.  Even wedding memorials for brides are becoming more creative.  A very subtle but perfect way for a bride to honor a loss is with an anklet.  This anklet can include anything from an angel wing, cross or hand stamped name to a photo of their loved one. 

wedding memorial anklet

Remembrances do not have to be purchased.  In some cases, a handmade memorial is more precious than anything else.  DIYers have become more creative, and many ideas can be found on Pinterest boards, blogs and social media.  There is no limit to creativity when planning a wedding – now time and attention is rightfully given to those unable to attend.

We Know You Would Be Here Today if Heaven Weren’t So Far Away!

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