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As many of you know, Remember Me Gift Boutique (and now Handmade by Remember Me) has been in business for over 5 years. During that time, we have been fortunate enough to get to know our customers and their personal or memorial gift giving needs.

Time have changed and so has memorial gift giving.  Gone are the days of sending flowers to a funeral home or express mailing a gift to be received in a industry standard 2 or 3 days. We have spoken with so many of those who have or are dealing with grief, and the consensus is overwhelming:  gifts that are sent during those first few days following the traumatic death of a loved one are simply overlooked.  During the weeks following the funeral, life has gone on for everyone, well except those left with the burden of their grief.

That's when we step in.  We want to create a special keepsake for those who feel forgotten and for those who are desperately grasping on to their memories to get them through these days.  Handmade By Remember Me was created with that in mind and now we have a one-stop new website for all of your memorial gift giving ideas.

We want the gift recipient to feel comforted and loved.  We work endlessly to create and/or find gifts that will touch the grieving's heart for years to come.  
Handmade by Remember Me is also creating inspirational christian jewelry for occasions other than death.  As we know, circumstances throughout life can be overwhelming.  We also want to touch the lives of those looking for a bit of hope and inspiration.

Lastly, Bible Verse Jewelry has also been added to our line of jewelry due to the demand of our customers.  We have had so many requests for personalized Confirmation Gifts, First Communion Gifts as well as special gifts for the holidays.
We pride ourselves with our customer service.  Our goal is to make you feel as though you just purchased from a brick and mortar store, but have the convenience of online gift shopping.  
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