Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry - Necklace for Ashes of Loved Ones

Handmade By Remember Me


This is one of our new and unique pieces of stainless steel cremation jewelry. This necklace for ashes of loved ones features a stainless steel urn pendant with an inside capsule that says "Always In My Heart".  It hangs on an 18" stainless steel chain. This is packed with the "Always in My Heart" jewelry display card and comes packaged in a gift box (as pictured).

The top of the urn pendant has a screw that can be opened to hold a small amount of ashes, or anything that reminds you of your loved one. To ensure security of the precious cremains, I recommend sealing the screw with some glue when closing. 

This is a line of cremation jewelry featured by Remember Me Gift Boutique.

18" cable stainless steel chain
16 x 22 mm pendant

NOTE: Opening and closing this pendant is a bit different than others. When unscrewing the top, make sure you secure the bottom so it doesn't move.